Information for Families

Students on the beach with I love Swansea written in the sand

Many students choose to bring their families with them when they study with us here at Swansea University. Swansea is a wonderful vibrant city, which also benefits from beautiful beaches and excellent public amenities.

We actively work with local schools and Swansea County Council in order to support provision of high quality schooling for students with children. This is through our Swansea University: Family Charter Project and you will automatically receive further information about the Project as part of the University Admissions process. Please make sure that you are actively engaging with us to ensure that we can support you and our local community fully.

We have put together a comprehensive Family Information Guide which will help you assess whether you can bring your family with you (if you are subject to immigration requirements), what you need to do to prepare and what you can expect whilst you are here.

Please note: If you are bringing children and hope to enrol them in school it is important that you plan to be here at the beginning of the school year (early September) and that you have the correct visas for the whole family.

We have provided both a flip book and downloadable PDF version of the Guide, so please make sure that you are accessing the version that you find most comfortable to read from the options below.

If you have read the Guide and you have dependants applying for immigration permission under Tier 4, our supplementary Leaflet on Applying for visas for Tier 4 Dependants will help you prepare for that.

We look forward to welcoming our international families to Swansea very soon.