Getting around Swansea

There are various ways of getting around Swansea. Most people walk, get the bus or cycle. There are lots of interesting and varied routes for cycling around Swansea. See the local council website for information about cycling around Swansea.

The Travel Shop in Fulton House sells student bus passes, as well as trips to places like Dublin or Amsterdam, plus bookings for the Swansea Grand Theatre.

For local buses, you can use the bus journey planner to plan your travel around Swansea.

There are also regular bus and train services between Swansea, Bridgend (McArthur Glen shopping outlet) and Cardiff.

Getting around the UK

For travel outside of Swansea, you can find train times and fares from the National Rail website. As a full-time student, you can also buy a railcard which entitles you to a discount every time you buy a train ticket.

For coaches, you can find coach times and fares from the National Express website. Like the railcard, there is also a coach card for full-time students you can buy which entitles you to a discount.


Find out all about driving in the UK from the UKCISA leaflet (UK Council for International Student Affairs) and our International Handbook. The leaflet includes information on whether you can use your overseas licence, learning to drive, driving a moped or motorcycle, to information about buying and owning a vehicle.

Remember that owning a vehicle is a big responsibility and can be very expensive once you add all the cost of insurance, tax and maintaining the vehicle.