Information about life in Swansea

Arrival presentation

If you have just arrived in Swansea, we hope you will have attended a briefing session to tell you more about the support that you can get while you are here.  If you have any questions, come to CAMPUSLIFE and speak to a member of staff.

Support services

The University has various support services available to help you.


Well-being@CampusLife (professional counselling)



Apart from the University, the Students' Union also has advisers within the Student Advice Centre to help students with academic appeals and complaints against the University, as well as consumer issues.

Enhance Academic Skills

If you are studying at Swansea University and would like to enhance your academic skills, why not join our free classes? further details available from here.

Money and budgeting

Access the online International Student lifestyle calculator to help plan and manage your money for studies in the UK.

International Student Societies

There are many different cultural and religious societies organised by and for international students at Swansea University. They organise activities for their members, work with the University to promote their events and show-case their culture, and help new students with information about living and studying in Swansea. Click here for contact details.

Sport Swansea is responsible for many of the sporting activities at the University. It works to develop both competitive and non-competitive sport and to facilitate the development and achievement of its clubs.

Meeting local British volunteers

Swansea boasts several local volunteer communities who organise free informal English classes, trips and parties for international students. These include English Corner, which organises free, informal English classes every Friday evening, and SignPost (International Friendship House), which hosts social activities for international students. Check out the respective website and facebook page for English Corner and SignPost to find out more and join!

EYST (Ethnic Youth Support Team) offers free support and activities for ethnic males and females under 25 years old.


Many international students are entitled to use the state-funded National Health Service on the same basis as UK residents.

However, you may wish to take out medical insurance to cover the costs of you or your family being flown to your home country in the event of a serious illness or accident. You can find further information and advice on keeping healthy along with practical information on how to get medical and dental treatment in the UK on UKCISA's informative pages.

Register with a doctor and dentist as soon as you arrive in Swansea as certain places can only accept a limited number of patients. The University Health Centre provides comprehensive medical care and can make the process of registering easier for international students. Try to register with a dentist that will accept NHS patients as they are cheaper than private dentists. To find a NHS dentist nearest to where you live, ring NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647.

Find out how to get emergency medical help out of office hours from the Health in Wales website.

Driving in the UK

If you are going to drive a car or a vehicle of any kind in the UK, there are various laws which you must obey, covering your driving licence, vehicle ownership or rental, insurance and the rules of the road. Please come and see us before you go on the road or read the UKCISA Guidance Note - Driving in the UK.

Culture shock and cultural adjustment

Culture Shock is the term given to the period of transition to a new culture. The degree of culture shock depends on many factors, including how different British culture is from your own and your travel experience so far. European students or students from North America may not experience it to the same degree as students from Africa or Asia. However, don't make the mistake of thinking you will not experience it at all. It is all part of the process of moving between cultures, which is a very positive thing to do despite the challenges it may bring. It can be more difficult and stressful than you might imagine so International@CampusLife is here to help you prepare for it and manage it while you are in Swansea. Come and see us at our drop in sessions or email us on if you would like to talk about the pressures of culture shock.

Read more about culture shock from the UKCISA Guidance note - International students and culture shock.

Find out more about living in Swansea from our International Students Handbook.