Entering the UK for the first time

What happens on arrival in the UK

All passengers arriving at UK ports of entry are checked through passport control by Immigration Officers to establish their identity and nationality. If you are arriving in the UK with a Tier 4 student visa, then you may be asked to show some or all of the following documents to prove your identity and to satisfy the Immigration Officer that you still meet the requirements of a student visa.

Students who are arriving in the UK for the first time or with a new visa may be asked to show following documents, therefore, they should carry these documents with them in their hand luggage

1.  Your passport or travel document with a valid student visa

2.  An offer letter or copy of certificate of acceptance for studies (CAS)

3.  Any previous degrees/certificates mentioned in the CAS

4.  Copy of English language test (if mentioned in the CAS)

5.  Evidence to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay your course fees and maintain yourself (and your dependants if applicable). You can prove this with one or more of the following documents

  • Recent bank statements,
  • A letter from your bank confirming that you have access to the required funds
  • A letter or document to show that you have successfully transferred funds to the UK bank in your own account.
  • A letter or receipt from the institute to show that you have paid all or part of your course fees.
  • An official sponsor letter.

6.   Pre departure clearance certificate or country specific health-related certificate

7.   Completed landing card. 

Please click on  UK Border Force Tips for entering the UK for Ten Tips from the UK Border Force to help you enter the country. 

What happens if there is a delay in me coming to the UK to start a new course

You should contact your School urgently to whether check you are still within the deadline to enrol for your course. If you can only arrive after the enrolment deadline, you may have to make arrangements to defer starting your course till a later date or the following year, regardless of the reason for the delay (e.g. delay in getting your visa).

If the University advises you that it is too late to start your course, you should not attempt to enter the UK on your existing visa. This is because UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will cancel your existing visa and you will need to apply for a fresh visa to enter the UK to start your course at a later date.

Email international.campuslife@swansea.ac.uk if you need visa advice.

Student who are re-entering or returning to the UK

If you are re-entering the UK on a current Tier 4 student visa, you must be able to prove that you are enrolled/registered with the University as a full time student. You may be asked to show following documents so you should carry these documents with you in your hand luggage

  • Student statement from MyUniHub to prove your student status
  • Recent bank statements or sponsor letter
  • Valid passport and UK Biometric Residence Permit Card (if you have one)
  • CAS statement for the next course (if you are re-entering the UK to start a new course)

If you are unable to show any of the required documents or as part of the immigration checks/examinations, an Immigration Officer decides to refuse entry or cancel your visa, you have the right to an Administrative Review.

If you encounter any problems on arrival at a UK port, we advise you to contact us immediately.

If you have suspended or withdrawn from your course, you should not attempt to travel and re-enter the UK on your existing visa. That visa would have been cancelled. You should apply for a new visa before travelling to the UK.

In an emergency, you can contact International@CampusLife on 01792 606557 between 0900 and 1645 Monday to Friday, or email international.campuslife@swansea.ac.uk. Outside these hours, phone the University on 01792 205678.