Please see the below information about current UKVI concessions

The UKVI are keen to support anybody in the UK, who is genuinely affected by COVID-19, and is subsequently at risk of breaching immigration conditions through no fault of their own.

In order to prevent people from becoming overstayers they have brought in some temporary concessions. Please read the options below carefully and take action as advised.

If you are outside the UK.

These concessions do not cover you. 

If you are continuing, or starting a new course, with UK based teaching and you do not have sufficient time on your current visa to complete the course, you should apply for a fresh visa to come back to the UK from your home country to avoid any issues. Full and comprehensive guidance can be found on the Making a Student visa application from overseas page.

If you are inside the UK

URGENT: If you are in the UK, your visa has expired or is due to expire and you cannot leave the country due to travel restrictions, please email the international@campuslife team so we can support you in stabilising your immigration situation under the current UKVI concessions or let you know if you are not covered. 

Please do not just allow your visa to run out or make any assumptions that you will be able to make an application to extend your current visa (or switch into a new visa category) within the UK.