Sian Rees

Sian Rees 300

Currently a Senior Lecturer, Sian has come to teaching following a twenty-five year career in public relations and publishing.  She feels she has found a true vocation.  She was delighted to lead the Media & Communication team to a 15% improvement in their NSS scores last year, the newly formed MA Communication, Media Practice & PR (CMPPR) which she leads is now the biggest in the College of Arts & Humanities and she was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award in July 2011.  Having joined as an inexperienced part-time teacher in 2008 Sian is now Undergraduate Programme Director for Media & Communication, Director of the MA CMPPR and Deputy Head of the Department of Languages, Translation & Communication.

During her London-based industry career Sian worked for Michael Heseltine’s Haymarketing Publishing organisation as Publishing Director for the Stuff and What Hi-Fi? Group of magazines and was managing director of her own marketing consultancy.  Amusing career highlights included taking journalists on field trips to Denmark to see pig farms for Danish bacon and setting up the first TV coverage of video-phones for BT, with live footage of Richard & Judy phoning their children.  More seriously she helped the Suzy Lamplugh Trust get the Protection from Harassment Act through Parliament. 

Not content with one career move, after relocating to the Gower, Sian took on two jobs at Swansea University, one as part-time Strategic Marketing Manager and one as a part-time PR Lecturer. The marketing role involved helping set up structures for co-ordinating university-wide marketing activity and writing the 2010-2014 Swansea University Marketing Strategy.   Now a full-time lecturer, Sian is on a Teaching & Management pathway, but writes academically on authenticity in branding in the digital media age.  She has presented her research at Bournemouth, Trinity St David’s and Swansea Universities and hopes to finish her PhD this year.

Sian considers it a privilege to be able to combine her industry expertise with her new passion for teaching.  Her key philosophy is to enthuse students about her subject, trying to fuse industry experience, employability skills and academic learning into one inspirational and academically challenging package.   A second mantra is to lead by example, gently infecting people with cheerfulness, efficiency and enthusiasm, following Ghandi’s idea that you should Be The Change You Want To See in the World.

Outside of work, Sian lives life to the full:  mum to two school-age children; author of a yet to be published fiction novel; keen runner of Gower’s coastline; and coach of a junior netball team.