Our Vision

What is AgorIP?

AgorIP brings an open access, open innovation approach to the commercialisation of innovation. Focussing on making a difference to the West Wales and The Valleys regions of Wales, the initiative is keen to support innovations that have the potential to be a positive influence in terms of improved health outcomes, commercial success or a combination of both.
We aspire to enable as much innovation as possible, from a variety of sources such as Universities, Health bodies or commercial enterprises.
With the help of Welsh Government and EU structural funds, AgorIP is working to create a national asset in the form of a pipeline of commercial opportunities, which will drive cutting-edge research and innovation for Wales’ global success.

Our Origins

Swansea University has adopted a philosophy of enabling innovation and bringing it to life rather than cherry picking the best from the rest.
This has driven a cultural change across the organisation and has resulted in a number of commercial projects underpinned by two Welsh Government funded successful initiatives in particular; InvestorG8 (an investor readiness programme) and SHIPP (Swansea Healthcare Innovation Partnership Programme) which have shown that this approach delivers results.

Why AgorIP?

The name "AgorIP" was chosen to reflect a number of aspects of the operation.
"Agor" is the Welsh for "Open" - this is an essential element of AgorIP; it's an "Open IP" approach which recognises that transformative innovation doesn't just happen "in-house", it can happen anywhere and be brought in to transform an organisation's products or services. Equally innovation can be taken out of the organisation and licensed or commercialised elsewhere. This is one of the driving principles behind AgorIP.
While reflecting the programme's Welsh roots, the word "AgorIP" also echoes the Greek word "Agora" meaning "marketplace" - another driving principle of AgorIP being to accelerate the progression of innovation from idea to commercialisation or adoption; bringing innovation to life.

The Investment

The AgorIP initiative is a £13.5 million programme supporting eligible projects with Assessment, Proof-of-Concept, and Investment-Readiness, which can be used to leverage additional backing from several different sources. Investment-ready opportunities will be introduced to appropriate funders and assistance is available where required throughout any negotiation processes.
Uniquely, the Swansea University Investment Fund can follow this up with seed funding matched with independent co-investment funding.

How does the AgorIP Programme work?

  • AgorIP can accept opportunities from any source and at any stage of development provided that Swansea University can clearly add value and the output is of benefit to the West Wales and The Valleys regions of Wales. 
  • In order to comply with State Aid and other funding requirements, any Intellectual Property in the opportunity must be transferred to the University in return for beneficial rights for the creators / originators. 
  • Subject to independent review, AgorIP can then fund activities which develop the opportunities towards commercial success.
  • All funding is State-Aid compliant and any seed funding may count towards a company’s de minimis total.
  • When the opportunity is commercialised by a license being agreed or by the creation of a company, the University will retain an interest by way of a revenue or equity share.

The Benefits

For the Opportunity
If your opportunity is eligible and assessed as suitable, AgorIP will support it.
We want all the parties necessary to make the opportunity a success to share in that success.
These generally include the creator / inventor, their employing organisation, the management team, any funders and the University.

AgorIP will:

  • Agree the commercialisation pathway with the creator / inventor at the outset.
  • Protect your opportunity if appropriate.
  • Attract the skills to make your opportunity a success and reward these skills appropriately.
  • Invest in the development and launch of your opportunity

For Wales
Led by Swansea University, the AgorIP programme will work with academics, clinicians and industry to turn bright ideas and cutting-edge research into real-world products and services.
The programme is open to opportunities from anywhere, as long as those ideas bring benefit to the West Wales and The Valleys areas of Wales.