Nursing Study Abroad Opportunities

Embrace a new culture

The College offers our Nursing Students opportunities with our Partner Institutions in Europe.  Unlike other Erasmus+ placements, the scheme offered gives our Nursing students the opportunity to experience living overseas whilst undertaking Clinical Placements in with our partners in Denmark, Finland, Slovenia and Sweden. 

Studying Abroad can be a rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to embrace a new culture, make new friends and become immersed in a country you may not have visited before.  As well as the amazing experience you’ll have when you’re on your placement, it can also improve your employment prospects. 

Don’t just take our word for it!  Find out from other students who have studied aboard what they thought in our blog  you can also discover all of the global opportunities available to Swansea University students in our interactive map. 

Frequently asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There will be personal costs studying abroad as accommodation, travel and costs of living are different to those in Wales. However there is financial support to limit the impact of these costs.

Students who participate in the programme can apply for Erasmus Funding, which will contribute to their cost of living whilst overseas.  Full details can be found on the Go Global website 

Your NHS funded bursary will continue to be paid as normal so you will receive the same monthly amount while away as if you were on placement in Wales. Travel costs between accommodation and practice are not covered.

Student Finance Wales also has financial opportunities. This is independent of Erasmus+ and NHS bursary scheme and there are eligibility criteria. You may be required to repay this from your income as with a maintenance loan. For more information search Travel Grant on the SFW website


How long will I be abroad?

The placement will take place over 3 calendar months (90 days) in the second semester of your academic year.  As a general rule September cohorts will travel in January and March cohorts travel in February/March. Your annual leave may need adjusting to accommodate time abroad. Erasmus + funding criteria means you can’t spend less than 90 days abroad and the BSc Nursing modules means you can’t extend your travel time.

Will I need to speak a foreign language?

Most of our partners countries speak adequate English. For students who cannot speak the language of the host countries, there may be opportunities to follow a basic language course during the exchange programme (subject to availability). Most of the countries welcome students who may not be proficient in their language. However, for some clinical experience, such as mental health nursing and paediatric nursing, the host institutions may stipulate that students are able to converse in the language of the host countries.

How do I prepare for my time abroad?

There are many things you need to take into account when Studying Abroad.  Click here to find out more about Health and Safety while overseas.

How do I find out more about Erasmus+?

If you would like to find out more about Erasmus+, click here to visit our FAQ’s

Will I be provided with accommodation?

You will need to arrange accommodation yourself and cover the costs will the financial support mentioned. The host country will normally offer university accommodation that you can apply for online once your application is accepted. There is a usually a range of options and most students accept this offer.

Will I experience clinical practice abroad?

Yes, this is the main reason for the travel. The co-ordinators work closely with our partners to ensure you have experience nursing patients in the host countries. The range of experiences are dependent on availability of placements and attempts are made to offer specialities similar to those at home. Time in placement is normally 30 hours per week over 10 weeks. 

How will it affect my academic studies?

The co-ordinators will organise your travel to minimise disruption to your studies. However, expect to miss some classroom teaching and be prepared to use Blackboard and email as the main way of revising subjects and gaining supervision.

For some, it will be necessary to move the submission date of your assessments if they are practical or presentation based. Submissions of essays are not normally affected.

You may be required to enrol of an academic module in the host university and some partners expect you to produce some academic work for them. This needs to be completed but is secondary to your Swansea studies.

How will it affect my clinical competencies?

You will be allocated a mentor in the host country who will oversee your clinical experiences. Not all these mentors have an understanding of your clinical competencies or your section 5’s. They are expected to write a report about your progress but many cannot sign your clinical documentation. You need to consider how you achieve all your clinical competencies while on the other placements for that year. Previous students have found that with forward planning this has not disadvantaged their progress on the BSc Nursing programme.

Do I need additional health screening?

Yes, each of the partners’ universities have their own screening requirements. Generally all students must be screened for MRSA no more than one month before the start of the exchange programme, and a negative result is required. Most screening requirements can be managed through our Occupational Health Department although occasionally you may be required to provide screenings from your GP. 

What support does the College offer?

You will receive ongoing support with your application and while on your visit from the Internationalisation Officer within the College. The International Development Office will also provide support with a Go Global Coordinator.

Apply Now

To apply for the Erasmus+ Study Abroad Opportunity, please complete the Nursing International Exchange Programme Application

 If you have any questions about the application procedure, please contact

Key dates for 2017/18

  • 24th February 2017 11am-12am – Swansea - student information session Room146, Glyndwr Building
  • 24th February 2017 2pm-3pm – SDP - student information session Room F16, SDP
  • 24th February 2017 – Applications live
  • 25th May 2017 12-1pm – Swansea – Student briefing sessions Room 146, Glyndwr Building
  • 25th May 2017 4pm-5pm – SDP - Student briefing sessions Room F16, SDP
  • 28th June 2017 – 1pm-2pm – Swansea – Student engagement session with past participants Room 146, Glyndwr Building