The Centre for Children and Young People's Health and Well Being (CCYPHW) was officially launched at the Guildhall, Swansea on November 12th, 2010.

CCYPHW facilitates rigorous multi and interdisciplinary research and evaluation, with the central theme of children and young people’s health and well-being. It conducts high quality, applied research from birth through to early adulthood.

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About the Centre

Research within CCYPHW is focused under four main themes:

  • Children and young people’s health including obesity, cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, inactivity, health promotion, mental health, palliative care, perinatal care, trends and chronic conditions.
  • Children and young people’s well-being including looked after children, child abuse, child neglect, dyslexic children, disabled children, inequalities, play and homelessness.
  • Children and young people’s rights including recognition, promotion and protection of rights.
  • Children, young people and migration including identities, health, asylum seeking and conflict.

CCYPHW is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and young people, promoting research that gives a voice to the young person. It is committed to productive interactions and dialogue with front-line policy makers and practitioners. The unique amalgamation of disciplines within CCYPHW makes the Centre an ideal resource for expert insight into wide-ranging child health and well-being issues. CCYPHW’s members are drawn from across the University’s Colleges and Schools, other academic institutions, as well as statutory and voluntary bodies in the UK and internationally.

Our Research

Please see team member webpages. You will find links to these pages on the ‘Meet the Team’ tab.




Meet the Team

A key feature of the Centre for Children and Young People’s Health and Well-Being's governance structure is the Management Board which comprises the Director and Core Members representing most of the University’s academic schools. Its members have a proven track record of undertaking research with children and young people and are recognised as international authorities in their research fields.

For full biographies of members, click on the names below. To telephone any of our members directly please telephone (+44) 01792 plus the details provided below.






Dr Sinead Brophy

Professor in Clinical Epidemiology & Public Health

College of Medicine


51 2058

51 3430

Dr Louise Condon

Associate Professor 

College of Human and Health Sciences


29 5643

Dr Ruth Davies

Associate Professor

College of Human and Health Sciences


60 2253

Dr Simon Hoffman

Senior Lecturer 

College of Law and Criminology


51 3004

Dr Justine Howard

Associate Professor 

College of Human and Health Sciences


51 8695

Dr Michelle Lee

Associate Professor 

College of Human and Health Sciences


29 5281

Prof. Ronan Lyons

Professor of Public Health

College of Medicine


51 3484

Prof. Joy Merrell

Professor of Public Health Nursing

College of Human and Health Sciences


51 8575

Dr Paul Rees

Associate Professor

College of Human and Health Sciences


60 2948

Prof. Gareth Stratton


College of Engineering 


60 6544

Jane Williams

Associate Professor

School of Law 


29 5815


Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about the research expertise at CCYPHW, are interested in becoming an Associate Member, undertaking collaborative work, or would like to consider doing a PhD with us, please contact:

Dr Paul Rees
Email: p.g.rees@swansea.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1792  602948