The UK’s health and social care systems continue to provide high quality care, where it is needed, in a responsive and timely manner. As demand for their services continues to grow, these systems need to adapt and change to take advantage of the new technologies and ways of working open to them, ensuring that quality of care is continually enhanced.

Drawing on the cutting edge research of the College of Human and Health Sciences, our commitment to multi-disciplinary, collaborative research is bringing about real-life benefits for the healthcare, social care, voluntary and private sectors.  This empowers them to improve service delivery ultimately leading to improvements for patients, users, practitioners, managers and policy makers.

Further information on our research activities can be found in the sections below.

Latest Developments

You can now download our new research documents; Real-Life Research Volume 1  and our second  Real-Life Research Volume 2 featuring an array of articles, written by our researchers and published by The Conversation.