Swansea Centre for Improvement and Innovation in Health and Social Care

The Swansea Centre for Improvement and Innovation (SCII) aims to support healthcare professionals, managers and policy-makers to improve the design and delivery of health and social care. Our proactive and collaborative approach enables us to ensure our activities are translational and aligned to meet the changing needs of the health economy.

The Centre’s mission is to:

• Undertake innovative and high quality research to contribute to the evidence and science-base of improvement in health service design and delivery.

• Provide evaluation and consultancy services that give partners formative and timely feedback, to enable continuous learning.

• Design and deliver bespoke evidence-based teaching and learning to enhance the knowledge, skills and capabilities for transformational change.

We bring together expertise from a variety of areas including health policy, leadership, change management, operations management, systems thinking, integrated care and (supply) networks.



The Centre focuses on delivering a collaborative and impactful approach to researching, facilitating and educating a value and evidence-based approach to improving health and social care.

The Centre hosts the Improvement Network - ARCHi with individual members drawn mainly from the partner organisations of A Regional Collaboration for Health (ARCH) along with other key stakeholders.  More information about ARCHi can be found here (link to ARCHi)

The Centre has extensive collaborative relationships with universities, healthcare and third sector organisations across Wales, England and Scotland. Members of SCII are also part of the Health Foundation’s International Improvement Science Group.

Research-led education programmes feature as part of existing and new education activities within the College and across the University.

Our Research

Current research projects:

Evaluating Cancer Services in Wales:

Dr Alan Willson has been working with a company called Frontline to support Macmillan Cancer Wales in designing the evaluation of its new primary care framework. This is innovative work to develop the role of primary care in early referral and people living with and surviving cancer.

Health Foundation Fellowship:

Dr Sharon Williams currently holds a Health Foundation Improvement Science. Her research project is entitled ‘Lean, Agile or Leagile?, this is a feasibility study to explore and compare the utility of pathway technologies and consider how these technologies can be employed to improve the design of two care pathways - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Huntington’s Disease.

Other current and existing improvement projects include maternity services, pharmacy, cardiology, respiratory, outpatients, and same day surgery.

Selected Publications

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