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Management of Health and Illness Researchers

Professor Deborah Fenlon

PhD students

Zuna Al Maawali - 'How can we better support women in Oman who have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes?'

Munira Al Masuudi - Attitudes of Clinical Staff towards peri-natal bereavement support in Oman

Alaa Alanazi - Self Management Programme for Women with Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia

Edward Lord - An Examination of the Experience of Ecotherapy as an Intervention for Mental Health in Wales.

Wendy Mashlan - What impact has the care of elderly advanced nurse practitioner working within secondary care had on patients admitted into an acute hospital setting in comparison to the traditional method of service delivery? A quantitative study.

Cheryl Pike - Exploiting 3D scanning technology in lymphoedema for accurate and fast measurements of volume and shape

John  Stevenson - Access to mental health services: in pursuit of shared values.

(Daisy) Yue Teng - The impact of an integrated third sector support service on self-management, quality of life and use of NHS services in breast cancer.

Richard Thomas - What is the impact of triaging for memory problems in Primary Care on service users and professionals?

Wendy Wilkinson - How important are therapeutic relationships in the development of self-management behaviours during cancer rehabilitation?