Swansea University Osteopathy lecturers secure prestigious positions

Two academic members of staff from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences have successfully secured part-time posts with the Quality Assurance Agency and osteopathy’s regulatory body, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

In their new roles as Education Visitors, Senior Lecturer Bob Davies and Programme Manager, Dan Golder from the College’s M.Ost Osteopathy programme, will undertake ‘RQ’ visits to those Osteopathic Educational Institutions (OEIs) within the UK that deliver osteopathy programmes and training to students.

Their role as Registration Assessors will place them at the forefront of assessing the qualifications and skills of applicants applying for registration to the osteopathic register from outside the UK and for individuals within the UK re-applying for registration. They will ensure pre-set standards are met and practiced.

Bob Davies has also secured a position on the GOsC’s Policy Advisory Committee. Meeting three times per year, this committee not only advises on strategic policy and direction of the Council but is involved in shaping osteopathic policy in relation to pre-registration of professional standards and practices at Osteopathic Education Institutions.

Chantal Patel, Head of the Department of Interprofessional Studies at the College of Human and Health Sciences said: “The appointment of both Dan & Bob in the respective positions as policy advisors, educational assessors and registration officers is fantastic for us in the Department. Osteopathy at the university is a relatively new discipline and for two of our Staff to be appointed in these prestigious positions is a real coup. I am extremely proud that both Bob & Dan have been successful in securing these key positions with the GOSC.”