Swansea University makes UK Top 10 for student satisfaction

Swansea University is 8th in the UK for student satisfaction, and the highest-ranking university in Wales, according to the results of the latest National Student Survey (NSS), published today, which show that 91% of Swansea students say that they are satisfied with their course overall.

The College of Human and Health Sciences is also celebrating success, as BMid (Hons) Midwifery and BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Cardiac Physiology programmes achieve 100% satisfaction and BSc (Hons) Social Policy scores 97%.

NSS The NSS is a comprehensive UK-wide survey of students’ views carried out independently and anonymously by Ipsos-MORI.  Students are asked their views on areas such as teaching, assess‌ment and feedback, academic support, the organisation and management of their course, learning resources, personal development and their Students’ Union. 

1866 Swansea students completed the 2015 survey, representing 69% of all those eligible.

•    Overall student satisfaction at Swansea University was 91%, an increase of 2% on last year 

•    This is 5% higher than the average score for all UK universities and 6% higher than the average for Welsh universities

•    It puts Swansea University in the top 10 universities in the UK, joint 8th with other universities including Oxford

•    For individual subjects, 18 of the 41 Swansea subjects assessed make the UK top 10 for overall satisfaction.  

•    Swansea is top in the UK for 4 subjects – genetics, media studies, medical technology and historical and philosophical studies - and in the top 5 for 8 others.

As well as the rise in overall satisfaction rating to 91%, Swansea saw its score improve in all seven of the individual areas assessed, including teaching, assessment, and satisfaction with its Students’ Union.

Student group in BlasPicture:  students at the Blas cafe on the Singleton Park campus

Professor Martin Stringer, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Swansea University, said: 

“These are excellent results for Swansea University and clearly reflect the continued efforts of the University to improve the student experience. 

I am delighted not only to see the excellent improvements in overall satisfaction but also dramatic uplifts in other key areas such as teaching, academic support, and organisation and management.

We work in close partnership with our students, who are a key driver of our continued improvement and success.

With our new £450 million Bay Campus opening in September and ongoing improvements in the Singleton Campus this is a very exciting time for Swansea University and an excellent time to be a student here. 

These results clearly demonstrate the quality of teaching and student support that new and returning students can expect in the coming year.”

Lewys Aron, President of Swansea University Students’ Union, said: 

“This is an excellent result for Swansea students and this is a testament to the improvements students see on a day-to-day basis at Swansea University.
I'm cautiously pleased with the increased satisfaction rating for the Students’ Union, which shows that we are making steady progress"