Swansea student shortlisted for prestigious midwifery awards

A student midwife from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences has been shortlisted in the 2015 Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Annual Midwifery Awards, which recognise and reward excellence and innovation in midwifery practice, management, education and research throughout the UK.

Annmarie Thomas, who is in the third year of her studies, has been shortlisted for the Student Midwife Award after being nominated by the College Midwifery team. 

Annmarie said: “I feel very privileged to be in such a fantastic position and the University and Midwifery lecturers deserve a lot of acknowledgement as their support has built me throughout my training.  I am enjoying the (midwifery) journey as it unfolds and being shortlisted for this award is an amazing part of my training.” 

The RCM Student Midwife Award seeks to recognize a student midwife who has made an exceptional contribution to the student community and judges are looking for an individual who: Contributes to the improvement of the student experience while studying midwifery, acts as an advocate and role model for fellow students and/or contributes extra time and effort to midwifery through commitment to The Royal College of Midwives or the development of a Midwifery Society.

Annmarie, who is the founder of the University’s Student Midwifery Society, continued: “I represent Welsh student midwives at the RCM student forum which inspired me to bring a society to Swansea University.  It has taken a lot of work to get the society up and running but its future looks amazing.  I'm looking forward to seeing it continue to grow and bring students together under the guidance of a new committee of committed and passionate students as I qualify.”

“I am proud to be a Swansea Student Midwife and appreciate the fantastic education and support I have received.  I look forward to continuing to learn as a qualified midwife next year.” 

“I really am overwhelmed and excited by the experiences surrounding this award. I really do feel very lucky.”

Susanne Darra, a lecturer in midwifery said: “From the beginning of her studies, Annmarie has improved the profile and experience of midwifery students, to ensure that their voice is heard in Swansea and in the wider student community.”

“Annmarie is an absolute inspiration. She is both a leader and a listener who appears to galvanize her fellow students into action. Her passion for midwifery is ‘infectious’.  Through the Student Midwifery Society, Annmarie has without a doubt enhanced the professional identity of students in Swansea University.”

“She has led in addressing key issues around the curriculum, she has taken strategic and clinical issues to higher levels (within and outside of the University), she shares knowledge about midwifery widely and proactively and she works endlessly in her own time to promote the RCM and the Student Midwifery Society through networking, fundraising and organising.  We believe that she is an inspiration - completely committed to midwifery and to advocating for the profession.”

Annmarie recently travelled to London and attended an interview with a panel of RCM and Midwifery officials.  The winners will be announced at the Annual RCM Midwifery Awards Lunch on 3 March 2015 at the Brewery, London.