Swansea student nurses to wear 'hello my name is' badges

Student nurses from Swansea University's College of Human and Health Sciences will now wear name badges, after joining the “hello my name is” campaign.

More than 200 students from adult, mental health and children’s nursing courses will wear badges featuring the “hello my name is” logo, after the idea was suggested in class.

The campaign was launched by NHS doctor and cancer patient Kate Granger when she became frustrated at staff who failed to introduce themselves properly while she was in hospital.

It has won the backing of many nurses, including chief nursing officer for Wales Jean White, who praised it as a “simple but powerful message for all who care for others”.

Julia Pridmore, senior lecturer and quality improvement lead for Swansea’s pre-registration nursing programmes, said students flagged up the name badge idea as an example of good practice during a lesson.

She said: “It is a very simple, small-scale change that could have a big impact with hundreds of students wearing these badges.  I am absolutely delighted that it was an initiative that came from students, it shows the value of a questioning and open attitude.”

The Swansea name badges will feature the campaign logo and the university plans to extend them to students on other healthcare-related courses in the future.

Ms Pridmore added: “We talk an awful lot about the need to treat patients with dignity and respect and communicate effectively, and it’s such a big part of normal human interaction to say ‘hello my name is’ when you greet someone.”