Swansea Paramedic Science student wins poster prize

A Paramedic Science student from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences has achieved the winning poster entry at the 2014 UK Student Paramedic Conference.

Wesley Roberts, who is in the second year of his course, took the prize after impressing judges with his poster that analysed how paramedics make decisions.

The annual conference, which is organised specifically for student paramedics, focused on ‘bridging the gap between education and practice.’  It featured guest speakers from a range of healthcare professions, with talks from experts on topics ranging from mental health, paramedic education, opportunities for paramedics, and recent improvements in resuscitation technique and procedures.

Wesley said: “Considering the theme of this year’s conference, I decided to make a poster that was based on how paramedics make decisions. For me this is quite an interesting area. Paramedics are encouraged to not just take everybody to hospital, as they may have done a couple of decades ago, but to think of other treatment options – such as treating them in their own home, or arranging for a doctor to visit.

“It’s really important that we understand how we make decisions so we can justify our actions. My poster looked at a case from one of my placements where we jumped to a wrong initial diagnosis, because the patient presented in a similar way to ones we had seen before without taking a more rigorous approach to our assessment. When we assessed the patient more thoroughly we found out he had another problem.”

As a result of winning the competition, Wesley has had his poster published in the Journal of Paramedic Practice and will shortly have the opportunity to observe the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance for a shift.

Wesley continued: “I was pleased to win the competition. I’d put a lot of effort into the poster and it was nice to have that recognised. Being published whilst still a student is a big achievement for me.”

Programme Director for Paramedic Sciences and Senior Lecturer Neil Hore said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Wesley as the competition attracted entrants from all over the UK.”