Swansea nurse lecturer writes ‘Major Works’ book

A Senior Lecturer at Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences has compiled a new book, bringing together a wealth of international publications in nursing knowledge, models and theories.

Fiona Murphy, working alongside former Swansea University Nurse Lecturer Christine Smith, has written and is preparing to publish ‘Major Works - Nursing Theories and Models’, a large, three volume set of articles that is aimed at anyone interested in the development of nursing knowledge, theory development and nursing models.

A trained nurse who has held clinical posts as a Sister, staff nurse and clinical teacher in acute hospital nursing across the UK, Fiona has lectured at the university since 1992, working on a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate nursing and midwifery programmes.

Fiona said: “The book came about after I wrote an article for the Nursing Times, together with my colleagues Angela Williams and Julia Pridmore, on nursing models.  Nursing models used to be used a lot in nursing, but they are now seen as a bit old fashioned and not of much relevance to modern nursing.  In the article we were trying to demonstrate that they still have something to offer current nursing practice.”

“Once the article was published I was approached by a few editors wanting to know whether we would be interested in doing some more work on nursing models and theories.

“My job was to decide what were important publications, pull them all together and then write a critical editorial commentary saying what they are, why they were important and how they all fit together to tell the development of nursing theories and models.

“I hope that the book will allow people to understand the richness and complexity of theory and knowledge development in nursing and that it is, in fact, very interesting and useful for nursing today.”

Fiona isn’t resting on her laurels and is now working with Hugh McKenna as one of three editors updating his book ‘Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories and Practice’.  She said: “It’s another opportunity to pursue my interest in nursing theory.”

‘Major Works - Nursing Theories and Models’ will be published by Sage in August 2013.