Student Nurses play their part during World Mental Health Week

Two student nurses from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences have played their part in raising awareness of mental health issues during World Mental Health week.

Emily Fender and Emma Jones are both second year mental health nursing students. They ran the stall will assistance from their lecturers and Amy and Callum, members of the Student Mind society.

Emma said: “We decided to set up the stall to raise awareness of mental health issues for World Mental Health week.

Both of us are passionate about affecting a sea change in people's attitude toward mental health, essentially taking away the stigma and making people understand than it's no different than being physically unwell. We asked people to jot down things that they felt improved their mental health and reduced stress levels and we had a range of answers from exercise to meditation.

“We both recognise the importance of 'normalising' talking about mental health and to legitimise it and allow people to reach out if they are struggling to cope. Having worked with people suffering with mental health issues we realise how difficult this is, particularly for men.

“Hopefully the stall raised awareness of these issues, and at the very least, challenged people to address their beliefs about good mental health and its importance in every aspect of life. We had a good response from people and were surprised how many individuals opened up to us about their experiences.”