Student Nurse Catrin is commended for compassion

A student nurse from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences has been commended for the care and compassion shown to one of her patients.

Catrin Latham NursingCatrin Latham, who is in the final year of her Adult Nursing degree and is currently on placement in the community, received the positive feedback from her mentor after visiting one of her patients.

Stephanie Samuel, Community Staff Nurse, said: “I received a telephone call from a patient's family who stated that Catrin had gone above and beyond her duties as a student nurse in helping a patient. Had Catrin not assisted, the patient would have had to have waited for an additional amount of time for her fundamental needs to be met. The family of the patient would like me to pass on their gratitude for the student’s quick thinking and her demonstration of care, compassion and dignity towards their loved one.”

Catrin said: "I'm really enjoying my placement on community; I have my own case load and feel a part of the team. I could not believe that one of my patient’s relatives had phoned my mentor praising me for helping their loved one, as I felt it was part of my duty caring for her. I feel very privileged being a student nurse.”