Student Midwife supports Precious Cargo

A Swansea University Midwifery student has played her part in raising over £600 for a charity that specialises in supplying motorbikes to healthcare professionals in remote areas of the developing world.

Maria Nash, who is currently in the second year of her Midwifery course at the College of Human and Health Sciences, was Swansea’s student midwife local volunteer coordinator for ‘Precious Cargo', a project that is being run by UK based charity, Motorcycle Outreach and endorsed by leading midwifery organisations, UK Association of Milk Banks (UKAMB) and Blood Bikes.

Precious Cargo aims to raise £40,000 by biking a special scroll on a two-month tour of UK Maternity Units.  The scroll is being transported between each unit by Blood Bikes and received and hosted by student midwives.  In each unit, student and qualified midwives, other staff and the public will be encouraged to sign the scroll and make a donation. The scroll will also be decorated by illustrations from child inpatients and will carry messages on what midwifery means to individuals.

The scroll visited Singleton Hospital, Swansea on the 7th October where it was looked after by Maria.  She said: “I was the student midwife local volunteer coordinator and I had to receive the scroll from the blood bikes driver at singleton hospital.  It was my responsibility to ensure the scroll was kept safe, inform everyone about Precious Cargo, gain signatures and donations.  I arranged a cake sale to be held in the main foyer of Singleton Hospital with the help of other student midwifes, friends and one of my lecturers.  It was a huge success and we were praised by the event organizer for our wonderful work at Swansea.”

During its stay in Swansea, the scroll achieved over 500 signatures and a total of £628 was raised.

Once the scroll has completed its two month tour of the UK it is hoped it will travel across Europe and beyond.