Student Commended for her Compassion on Placement

A Nursing student from Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences has been commended for her compassion while on her placement.

Kelly Dennis, who was on community placement throughout January, has since received a glowing report. 

Daisy Mitchell, Band 5 community nurse West Hub, said: “I just wanted to say that the compassion, kindness and genuine empathy that Kelly showed the patients she encountered and their relatives was above and beyond. Kelly communicated and actively listened throughout ensuring she responded to all their concerns in a professional and kind manner. She completed every task that was asked of her carefully, thoroughly and without complaint. The skills that she showed are not only learnt skills but skills that are embedded in her personality which are traits that I believe every great nurse has.”

Regarding her placement, Kelly said: “I enjoyed experiencing a different aspect of nursing by engaging with patients outside of the hospital; adapting care to suit their individual needs within their environment, alongside a strong and dynamic team.”

“Throughout the placement I developed particular skills in addressing wound care and bandaging. This was strengthened by working with a tissue viability nurse on a couple of occasions. Working with various members of the team allowed me to experience a wide range of learning opportunities and particularly gave me an insight into how to identify potential risks to patients and how those risks can be eliminated or minimised, taking into account possible limitations of the environment.”

“University prepared me for this placement by explaining the stages of wound healing and providing practical sessions that gave a strong foundation on which knowledge could be built. Having lecturers who had worked within a community environment also gave me a good insight into what to expect and how the community differed from a hospital setting.”