Poster presentations; a new form of assessment piloted for Healthcare Science students

The College of Human and Health Sciences’ BSc Healthcare Science students have recently taken part in a new form of assessment, presenting their dissertation research via a scientific poster session, giving students the opportunity to share ideas with their peers and improve their presentation skills for future professional conferences.

Poster presentation

Heidi Elkington (presentation winner)

Final year students from each area of the BSc Healthcare Sciences degree programmes (Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Physics, Radiotherapy Physics, Respiratory & Sleep Physiology) recently presented their research areas via a scientic poster presentation competition. The posters were assessed by fellow students (peer assessment), service users and lecturers and the scores collated and averaged.

Barry Bardsley, (Senior Lecturer, Interprofessional Studies) comments, "This new pilot to assess students' work was a great success and the department is currently working on a proposal to include this as a summative assessment for future cohorts."

Congratulations to the winner (Heidi Elkington) and runner-up (Nelli Henderson) who each received voucher prizes for their presentations. Feedback from the event was very positive from both the students and the service users.

Heidi Elkington, BSc Healthcare Science (Respiratory and Sleep Physiology) winner of the presentation, comments, "The exercise really taught us how to effectively present large amounts of work in a way which can be viewed and understood by others. I am delighted to have been chosen as a winner of the poster presentations and it has given me more confidence in presenting work we carry out at University or in the work place after we have graduated.

I prepared my poster to reflect the main points of my dissertation which was an audit carried out in LLandough Hospital in Cardiff. I researched whether signs and symptoms could best predict the type of sleep study that needed to be carried out in order to diagnose patients with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). It was an enjoyable event and I would definitely recommend for it to become part of the Healthcare Science course in future years."

Nelli Henderson, (BSc Healthcare Science - Cardiac Physiology) presentation runner up, comments, “I am still quite surprised that I won a prize. My research project was a retrospective audit on the exercise tolerance test in the context of Rapid access chest pain clinic in Prince Charles. In preparation for my presentation and designing the poster, I read my dissertation again, highlighting main points. I chose to display my data using graphs and tables, as visual aids and appropriate use of colour made the information clear and understandable for the reader. Also, I ensured that the conclusion was clear and concise. It was exciting to share my findings with other students, as well as service users, receiving some interesting questions and feedback.”