Nursing students rewarded for 'going the extra mile'

The College of Human and Health Sciences Department of Nursing held the inaugural Celebrating Nursing Awards on the 16th November 2016.

Nursing awards 2016


The ceremony brought together past and present nursing students who were rewarded and recognised for going the extra mile in practice, and participating in events that support nursing and good practice both inside and outside the University.

The winners on the evening were:

-          Award for student innovation and engagement: Peter Gardener

-          Swansea University Nursing Society (SUNS) Award: Samantha Watkins

-          The Athena Swan Award for Equality and Diversity: Ryan Rowlands

-          Outstanding student buddy award: Alex Simpson

-          Outstanding Adult Nursing student: Melissa Rees

-          Outstanding Child Nursing student: Megan Dove

-          Outstanding Mental Health Nursing student: John Bishop

-          Most inspirational nursing student: Caitlin Tanner

-          Best innovation in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing practice: Kathryn Roberts

Julia Terry, Team Lead for Mental Health Nursing & Children’s Nursing, said: “The Celebrating Nursing Awards evening means a great deal to the Department of Nursing. This is a very real celebration of our students’ achievements, many of whom have struggled against adversity just to start on our programmes. Nursing is more than a job or a career, it is a way of life, and involves putting patients and their families first. Our Nursing Awards evening gave the opportunity to highlight students who have been amazingly knowledgeable in practice, who have supported and guided other students, and who have continually put others before themselves. As staff we are so proud of our students, and know that recognising their achievements is not only important, but it does inspire the next generation of nurses to. “