Nursing students gain first-hand experience of US healthcare system on a study abroad visit to the University of Houston, Texas

A group of second year Nursing students from the College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University are currently on a 2 week study abroad programme with the University's international partner institution, University of Houston, Texas.

Texas Nursing students May 2017

Grace Jones, Angela Louise Jolly, Sybil Edwards and Sara Watkin have been selected to take part in the visit taking place from 12th May – 1st June.  They will be hosted by the University of Houston’s College of Nursing and will stay in student residences at the University of Houston.

The students will participate in a range of activities, including:

  • University of Houston lectures and simulation classes
  • Visit hospitals, and observe in Emergency Rooms and Operating Theatres
  • Participate in cultural and community activities
  • Take a tour of the Texas Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch, a historic hospital and nursing school. UTMB School of Nursing was the first school of nursing west of the Mississippi River in the U.S.

Dr Jayne Cutter, Head of SU Dept of Nursing comments,

 “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students which will allow them to experience and compare contrasting approaches to healthcare in the US and UK. Our partnership with the University of Houston continues to go from strength to strength and we were delighted to host a group of their Nursing students in Swansea last year. Coming from a country with a largely privatised healthcare system, those students found their experience in the UK and exposure to the NHS to be both fascinating and thought-provoking, and I expect that our students will find the experience similarly enlightening.”

The students comment on the opportunity…

Grace Jones:

I applied to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity because it would be amazing to travel to the University of Houston and to learn about the people and the culture of Texas, but more importantly, to learn about nurse training in the US and the differences between how they train to how we train. I would love to learn about their healthcare system and observe the differences and/or advances between our health care system and theirs. Additionally, it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn how nurses in Texas are trained regarding patient care, procedures and  policies.”

Angela Louise Jolly

I have been an Army wife for nearly 23 years and I have supported my husband on his tours of duty abroad, experiencing different languages and lifestyles, which I’ve really enjoyed. I’d now like to make the most of this exciting opportunity to broaden my horizons and am interested to experience health care provision in an insurance-based system, and see how it compares to the NHS.”

Sybil Edwards

Gaining an insight into clinical practice in the United States and the differing role of a nurse within that society will, I believe, have a positive impact upon my own clinical skills.”

Sara Watkin

I applied to participate in this programme in order to broaden my knowledge of nursing. I am particularly interested in wound care and I would love the opportunity to be able to observe and learn about the different treatments, medicines and dressing available for patients in Texas. While in Texas I will also have the opportunity to learn about the environmental factors that affect people and how it impacts their lifestyle and to be able to learn about different regional diseases and how they are treated.”