Nursing student awarded scholarship for Welsh medium study

Adult Nursing student, Gillian Harries has received the University’s Welsh-medium Scholarship this year worth £300 for studying part of her course through the medium of Welsh.

Myfyriwr nyrsio yn ennill ysgoloriaeth am astudio trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

Any student can submit an academic piece of work through the medium of Welsh and this is supported by the Welsh Commissioners Office.  At Swansea University, having the opportunity for Nursing and Healthcare students to study some modules and develop skills to use the Welsh language within their care with patients can be invaluable.

 Amanda Jones (Nursing Lecturer) explains, “Research clearly shows that when patients are stressed, anxious, end of life or are children, they will always revert to communicating through their first language. Having the skills to communicate through the medium of Welsh or having the opportunity to develop and learn the Welsh language is key to ensuring the Welsh language not only continues but also to ensure we are able to provide the best level of care and support to our clients within Wales.”

Gillian Harries received one of the University’s 15 Welsh-medium Scholarships this year worth £300 for studying part of her course through the medium of Welsh. She has also been given an Incentive Scholarship worth £1500 over 3 years from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for completing 40 credits each year through the medium of Welsh.

Gillian was presented with her cheque in the Branch Annual Forum by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iwan Davies.

Gillian comments, “I chose to study through the medium of welsh because I attended a welsh primary school and a fluent welsh secondary school and I find it an easier language to talk and write. My whole family is welsh and that includes my friend too so whenever I get the chance in work or when I am on placement I always ask the patients if they are able to speak welsh. I found receiving the bursary for completing the course through the medium of Welsh was brilliant. We are living in wales and I find it so important to get offered to complete it in Welsh!”

Lois Wyn Griffiths (Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Swansea University Branch Officer) comments, “Being able to speak and communicate through the medium of Welsh is a skill and there is an increased demand within the Health sector for nurses that can communicate with their patients through the medium of Welsh.  Seeing students such as Gillian taking advantage of her language skills by studying a part of her course through the medium of Welsh and being awarded with a scholarship for doing so is invaluable to the promotion and development work I do within Swansea University.”