Who would you want to give you care?

‚ÄčThis is the big issue facing the nursing profession, say the trio of professors gathered at University of Nordland: Professor Terese Bondas, University of Nordland, Professor Melanie Jasper, Swansea University and Professor Hannele Turunen, University of Eastern Finland.

All three professors share a keen interest in improving nursing standards and the quality of nursing.

"The current trend towards nurses doing more IT-work, statistical reporting and other administrative tasks seems to be running in parallel in European nursing. Perhaps we are a little bit fortunate in Finland, where the nursing profession does traditionally enjoy a higher status than in Norway and the UK", reflects Hannele Turunen. "We are worried about this trend because it affects nursing quality and patient care."  

"The time squeeze obviously affects nurses in their daily care of patients and nurses can lose some of the very core of nursing. It becomes very difficult finding the skill-mix and having enough quality time for the qualified nurse to care for the individual patient.", says Professor Melanie Jasper. "This is what every patient wants and we wish to focus strongly on this."

International exchange 

"One way of raising professionalism in the nursing field is to send nursing students, professional nurses and nursing staff to partner universities on exchange visits, practice and study stays - especially at masters level. Nursing is a truly international profession and nurses can pick up best practice from other cultures and bring this home with them" says Terese Bondas.   

"When it comes to 'the pursuit of excellence', nursing leadership is very important", says Professor Jasper who is head editor of the well-known worldwide nursing journal Journal of Nursing Management and has herself just finished off a research study looking at the professionalism of nursing in Wales.

Comparative research    

Finishing off where they began - providing the best nursing care, the three professors now look ahead to designing a comparative research project studying the nurses' perspective on nursing leadership.