New international text researching play from a Playwork perspective

'Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective' offers a new and exciting angle from which to view play, drawing on the authors’ own experience of conducting research. Examples from the United Kingdom, Nicaragua, and Sweden give this unique work international relevance.

 researching play from a playwork perspectivePlay is of critical importance to the well-being of children across the globe, a fact reflected in Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Yet existing literature on the subject is largely confined to discussing play from a developmental, educational or psychological perspective. 

Dr Pete King (Senior Lecturer- Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences) from the College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University comments, “Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective is a collection of methodological approaches to researching children’s play from seven authors undertaking their PhD.  What makes this monograph unique is that all the authors were Playworkers prior to undertaking their research.  The monograph considers how being a Playworker may have influenced how we developed and undertook our PhD research and puts forward a research to play from a Playwork Perspective”

“We are very excited about this book. Playwork is an emerging discipline and playwork research is at a very early stage. Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective is the first book to explore what a new paradigm of playwork research might look like, and we hope that it will encourage discussions about what it means to research play from a playwork perspective both within the playwork field and in other disciplines.’

Pete King and Shelly Newstead (ed) Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective.  London:  Routledge  is available to purchase on Amazon here.


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