New Charter aims to make #QiComms an essential part of quality improvement

Swansea University’s College of Human & Health Sciences (CHHS) will be one of the first organisations to sign up to ‘The #QiComms Charter’, when it is launched in Amsterdam this week (2 May)

“The Charter invites all quality improvement leaders to recognise the strategic place that communication plays in improvement and integrate it into their work”, said Sharon Williams, Lead of Swansea University’s Centre for Improvement & Innovation in Health & Social Care.

Developed by the International #QiComms Group, of which the College of Human & Health Sciences is a member, the Charter’s seven principles have been developed by international leaders in improvement to convey the often overlooked impact the use of strategic communications can make to the success of improvement work.

“To deliver QI in complex systems you need to win everyone over – you can have all the facts right, but if people don’t understand the story you won’t get the conversation going,” said Don Berwick, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Launched at this year’s International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Amsterdam, the seven principles of ‘The #QiComms Charter’ are:

  1. We will use #QiComms to accelerate our improvement work for the benefit of patients and everyone we serve.
  2. We will plan out #QiComms from the start.
  3. We will give #QiComms support at the highest level.
  4. We will take a strategic approach to #QiComms.
  5. We will make out #QiComms evidence-based.
  6. We will continuously improve our #QiComms.
  7. We will put people at the centre of our #QiComms work.

#QiComms is described as the strategic communications part of quality and safety improvement that builds will and strengthens momentum for achieving improvement goals.

It uses communications in a planned way to support and underpin work that inspires, motivates and informs all those involved to deliver better, safer treatment and care for individuals.

“We are delighted to be giving our full support to ‘The #QiComms Charter’ and we would encourage colleagues committed to improvement to do the same,” said Professor Ceri Phillips, Head of the College of Human & Health Sciences

For further information and to sign up to ‘The #QiComms Charter’, visit:

 Ceri QIComms