Mentorship handbook supports professional nursing and midwifery students

Mentorship support for pre-registration nursing and midwifery students as well as a range of other learners within practice environments is highly prized.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have published standards for all pre-registration nursing education programmes throughout the United Kingdom that outlines that ‘Programme providers have a responsibility to ensure that appropriate support is available to meet the professional development needs of students and their educators.’ (NMC 2010)


Partner Health Boards and Swansea University have acknowledged the significant investment that the mentors in healthcare professions offer to these learning relationships by producing a comprehensive mentor portfolio in a format intended for registered mentors to record their mentoring activity as an ongoing record of achievement.


Simon Cassidy, Practice Education Facilitator (Pre-registration nursing) for Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board said:


“The accountability for assessing students’ competence during practice learning experiences is vital for the credibility of pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes.


“Those mentors making assessment decisions about students’ levels of competence need to demonstrate their currency and capability.”


This joint University and Health Board collaboration has resulted in an updated edition of a portfolio allowing mentors to collate a personal record of their practice assessment activity. We hope the document will help mentors to continue to evidence excellence in mentorship practice.”


The Mentor Portfolio forms part of individuals’ overall Personal Professional Profile in line with NMC (2011) Post registration and Practice development (PREP).


NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (2008) suggest that an individual’s mentorship activity over a three year period (triennial review) can usefully be discussed as part of an employer led personal development appraisal.


Convened annually, the personal development review (PDR) mechanism includes discussion about an individual’s mentorship activity using the mentor portfolio.