Last week saw the College of Human and Health Sciences and Swansea University's Medical School hold a full-day blood-pressure measurement event as part of the global initiative 'May Measurement' month, raising awareness of high blood pressure.

Prof Phillips may measurementThe College would like to thank everyone who took part in the May Measurement event at the Health and Well-being Academy in Swansea University last week. Dr Emma Rees from the College of Human and Health Sciences and Dr Libby Ellins from Swansea University Medical School led a small team  who worked through the day to offer blood pressure measurements for staff, students and visitors.

This screening initiative was part of an international project called May Measurement Month which aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular blood pressure checks (

The screening team included Darren Coombes (Lecturer) and 1st year students from BSc programmes in Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) and Medicine who thoroughly enjoyed the experience of contributing to such a large project. The team screened 123 participants taking 369 blood pressure measurements! Everyone was given a written record of their blood pressure, advice about whether it was in the healthy range and tips for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

High blood pressure does not necessarily cause symptoms so it often goes unnoticed until a person suffers a heart attack or stroke or they are diagnosed with heart or kidney disease. In fact, we found that  15% of participants in our screening event had high blood pressure and all were given additional advice about lifestyle modification and visiting their GP for further investigation and possible treatment. The full dataset collected by the team will be sent to the project leader for Wales and results from this important international project will be available on the project website in the due course.    

Above: Professor Ceri Phillips having his blood pressure taken at the drop-in session.