International Opportunities: Child Nursing student Matt visits the Gambia

Matt Cone, who studies Child Nursing, recently visited the Gambia for two weeks, to set up links with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at University of the Gambia. This link will allow practitioners to promote and share skills and best practice, as well as giving opportunities for students to experience new environments of study and work.

Matt Cone in the GambiaFor the first time in 2013 student nurses and midwives were invited along with the previously established Swansea University College of Medicine school trip to the Gambia. This was part of the vision by the Swansea-Gambia link to ultimately have an exchange between multi-disciplinary teams from both Swansea and Banjul.

The aim of this trip in particular was to: build on previously established links between the medical departments and to set up a link between nursing and midwifery schools; to experience diseases and healthcare delivery in a cultural and socio economic environment very different to that of the UK; and to complete learning outcomes relevant to courses and level of study.