International addition to College Gerontology and Ageing programmes

Swansea University’s Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA) is breaking new ground with the development of a new international Master’s degree.

The MSc in International Gerontology and Ageing Studies has been developed in response to student demands to learn about international applied gerontology and how other countries are addressing the questions of an ageing population. It is studied over 18 months, and includes a three month placement in the University of Alberta, Canada.

The Centre for Innovative Ageing is a globally recognised Centre of Excellence for gerontological research.  Members of the Centre work collaboratively with other centres in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, South Asia and Australasia and are sought after frequently as collaborators, consultants or advisors for international projects.

Programme Director, Dr Paul Nash said: “Our innovative global approach and international partners afford students the unique opportunity to study abroad within the programme to enhance their experiences, their employability and their understanding of global gerontology. Further, in the UK, we have partnered with local Non-Governmental Organisations to offer work experience to enhance student employability.”

“The postgraduate academic programmes we offer are the best of the best. Described by the external examiner as ‘a gem in the wider landscape of gerontology education’, our programmes are distinct from others in terms of innovation, flexibility, diversity and responsiveness to student needs.

“Our courses attract the finest students from around the globe, and prepare them for: working with older people; designing policies for older people; managing and delivering services for older people; designing and manufacturing products for an ageing population; and joining the research community.

“The team’s connections to policy-makers are unparalleled in other parts of the UK, and the courses are exceptional in their acknowledgment of differences in policy between the devolved countries of the UK, and in the global context.”

As well as the MSc in International Gerontology and Ageing Studies, the CIA at the College of Human and Health Sciences offers a Postgraduate Certificate, a Postgraduate Diploma and an MSc in Gerontology and Ageing Studies.


For details on financial assistance, further information on the programmes we offer as well as any other queries about the CIA, please contact the Postgraduate Programmes Director, Dr. Paul Nash by email ( or phone (+44 (0)1792 602907).