Improvement Scientist presents at International Symposium on Healthcare Improvement & Innovation

Dr Sharon Williams, an Improvement Scientist with Swansea University's College of Human and Health Sciences has presented her research at the second international symposium on healthcare improvement and innovation.

The symposium, which was hosted by Monash University at their Centre in Prato, Italy, focussed on the Healthcare System of the Future: Achieving System-Wide Collaboration for Innovation.  

Dr Williams' presentation entitled: “Understanding and improving the COPD patient journey: An analysis of patient, information and emotional flows” reported on the qualitative analysis of patient journeys from pre-diagnosis to post-diagnosis, crossing a network of health services in primary and secondary care.

She said: "The research draws on techniques employed by industry to help analyse material flows when improving the design of supply chains. Co-authors on the paper included Dr Stephanie Best, who is a Senior Lecturer with the College of Human and Health Sciences."

The 2-day symposium brought together international healthcare professionals, researchers and academics to network, share, discuss and learn about the latest issues relating to healthcare improvement and innovation. Some of the issues included sector citizenship, integrating health and social care systems, sharing health information across organisational and occupational boundaries and co-design and building partnerships and collaboration.  

Dr Williams added: "The symposium provided a good opportunity in which to share some preliminary findings on the novel emotional mapping research that I have been carrying out as part of my Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellowship. 

"The benefit of attending this event is not only to develop international collaborations but also to test out conceptual ideas in a forum of both academics and practitioners."