IMPACT: Practice into Research into Practice

Drs Stephanie Best and Sharon Williams from the College of Human and Health Sciences hosted a research dissemination event in Cardiff with senior delegates from several of the professional bodies and education establishments in Wales.

IMPACT Practice into Research into Practice


Professional Identity Poster 2

The event was a culmination of an EPSRC SURGE funded project which involved four of the Health Boards in South Wales.  Eight workshops were undertaken with members of integrated teams from the acute and primary care settings.  The study showed the main reasons for integrated teams being formed were improving patient care; improve efficiency of the service; and developing a new service.  Participants clearly identified the key role the professional bodies and education providers have in supporting professional identity while working in integrated teams. The study also examined the benefits and challenges of working as a member of an integrated team and how this might influence professional identity. 

The participants at the dissemination event were invited to reflect on the results of the study in relation to what is currently happening in practice and education and consider what further research in this areas might look like.  As a result of this event an additional workshop will consider the ideas put forward and scope out the next project or educational intervention. 

Dr Best said “this has been a great opportunity to collect some feedback from professional bodies, practitioners and educators across various health professionals including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, doctors and dieticians.  The event has given us lots to think about in relation to how we might take our research forward in way that is helpful to practice and policy.”

Feedback from the event was positive and several areas of interest for future work have been identified. Participants said:

‘A good example of research dissemination/reflexivity’.

‘Your work is applicable to the whole UK workforce’.

‘An enjoyable, informative and relevant session’.