First year Adult Nursing student has been praised for her excellent conduct

Caitlin Tanner, who joined the September 2016 cohort of Adult Nursing students in the College of Human and Health Sciences has demonstrated the core values of NHS Wales and the College.

Caitlin TannerJon Hinkin, Academic Tutor/Admissions Tutor Nursing comments;

“Caitlin is a caring and compassionate individual and, as her personal tutor I am very proud of her and I am not surprised that she has received such a wonderful testimony from a service user.” 

The service user sent a personal handwritten letter to Caitlin whilst on placement at Morriston Hospital:-

To Caitlin

I would like to tell you how grateful I am of the care you have given to me during my stay at Morriston Hospital recently. My nerves were really on edge, but you came with me, reassured me all would be ok.

Over the last few months I have been in a few times to hospital and only this time I have felt someone that has so much care, warmth and is efficient as you.

I am sure you will make a wonderful nurse. I hope my dear, you will carry on your training and have such a wonderful time in your Nurse career.

Thank you so much Caitlin.

Caitlin comments,

I never expected a letter of thanks, but I was nevertheless grateful I received this.  It encompasses my aim as a healthcare professional to care for others and I hope to uphold this standard and quality throughout my career, emphasised by the role models I have encountered in practice. This shows the patients impact on me as a developing nurse, as much as I have an impact on them”.

Caitlin talks fondly about her placements,

“My placements are providing me with great learning chances such as opportunities to shadow staff nurses whilst doing drug rounds, procedures, and even surgery. It is a completely exciting experience.

This course is extremely enjoyable, with a wide variety of practical and academic mixtures to develop a well-rounded experience that will contribute to the shaping of myself as a competent student nurse after each placement and lecture. The support from my mentor, personal tutor, and lecturers really define this experience.”

We wish Caitlin the best of luck and success throughout the remainder of her course and her career.