Cross-disciplinary research hits a new level

A recent publication by Dr Sharon Williams, a Senior Lecturer at the College of Human and Health Sciences has hit over 2000 downloads.

The text entitled “Improving Healthcare Operations: The application of Lean, Agile and Legility in Care Pathway Design published by  Palgrave examines the design of two care pathways to establish how key principles associated with systems thinking, quality improvement, and supply chain management can improve the design of these services.

‘Lean’ has typically been the prominent approach when improving the design of healthcare systems and is often selected by healthcare professionals to standardise and improve the delivery of care.

Previous literature shows there has been varying success in the application of ‘Lean’, in this text Sharon presents a study which examines the benefits of introducing ‘Agile’ as an alternative and complementary approach. Improving Healthcare Operations explores when ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ are most applicable, and instances where a hybrid approach can be employed.  

The text includes empirical qualitative data collected during Sharon’s Improvement Science fellowship sponsored by the Health Foundation.  

Sharon commented: “This text explores how two improvement approaches typically used in industry can be employed within the design of patient pathways.  The study also raises the importance of patients and relatives in co-designing and co-producing care.”