College welcomes Lili on Study and Culture Tour from China

The College of Human and Health Sciences recently welcomed Lili Zhang from Chongqing Medical University in China on a six week study and culture tour.

 Lili Zhang


Lili Zhang is member of the Nursing Scientific Research Team and is a Clinical Teaching Teacher at the hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

Every year the college offers the opportunity for two academic staff from CQMU to visit Swansea to take part in a 6 week programme to improve their English and to gain insight into education and healthcare in the UK. 

Lili said; “Thank you for hosting my visit everybody was very supportive and the people of Swansea are so polite. The study, techniques and teaching here is very different to China which has been inspiring and I am now able to take back new ideas about nursing techniques, hospitals and culture. I would love the opportunity to come back to the UK one day.”

Two students have joined the College this year from CQMU to study MSc Child Public Health and current students are also given the chance to participate in the CQMU Study and Culture tour. Last year, two students from Swansea participated in this Summer Programme.