College academic champions Welsh women's history in national newspaper

A lecturer in health humanities at Swansea University's College of Human and Health Sciences has successfully launched the first Welsh History Month exclusively devoted to women in the Western Mail.

Lesley Hulonce introduced the 2017 annual Welsh History Month, a daily celebration of the Welsh past, on Saturday 7 January, with an article on "the role of Welsh women in our diverse history".

Lesley said: ‘The history of women in Wales has often been neglected because of the huge significance of male-centred industries such as coal and steel. I wanted to demonstrate how the histories of Welsh women are ubiquitous and diverse and offer a new perspective to the Western Mail’s annual history festival."

Catrin Pascoe, Editor of the Western Mail said: "Women were centre stage historically because, quite simply, their contribution is everywhere!"

Lesley received so many offers from historians to write for the History Month that she is now editing a collection which will also showcase women’s history; The Other Half: Welsh Women’s Histories will be published by the University of Wales Press.