Awards for Social Work students “exemplary” work

A group of first year BSc Social Work students from Swansea University have been rewarded for their exemplary work.

The students, from the College of Human and Health Sciences, completed a poster as part of their Introduction to Social Work module assessment, which they then presented to their peers, a representative of Llais (the BSc and MSc social work service user and carer group), and academics.

Social Work Poster Presentations

Picture: Winning BSc Social Work students (L-R) Emily Driffield; Lisa Wilcox; Lisa Brammeld; Jade Esteban; Rebecca Hughes; Jayne Witte; Hannah-Lyn Tommason; Anthony Owen; Richard Connolly; Taliza Thomas; Donna Rees; Kelvin Philpott

Lisa Wilcox said: “Being selected by the service user group as a winning poster was a real honour.  When you make the decision to enter the arena of social work, service users and your ability to communicate with them is imperative, which is what makes this prize so special.   Swansea University uses groups such as Llais to enable students to have a real understanding of the needs and experiences of service users, I feel their input is invaluable and will ensure we become better social workers.”

Hannah-Lyn Tommason said: “The comments that we received from service users were beneficial as all our posters were made for this audience. The activity taught us a lot about the importance of service user perspectives. I am enjoying the course very much and, even though I am coming to the end of my first year, I feel that I have learnt a tremendous amount within this time frame. I am enjoying my first placement as I am working with a practicing Social Worker and engaging with a lot of service users which is very interesting and helpful.”

Kelvin Philpott added: “The poster was designed with service users’ best interests at heart. We made sure it was clear to read and suitable for both young and old. Also, we translated our poster into welsh in order not to alienate welsh speakers and to show that it is valued within social services.”

Senior Lecturer Jo Rees said: “The College’s Llais group judged the posters and kindly awarded prizes for the posters that they felt to be exemplary from a service user and carer perspective.

“The ability to communicate effectively with different audiences via a range of different styles and techniques is essential in effective social work practice. This assessment encourages students to rehearse this vital skill in preparation for their future practice. I’d like to thank Llais for their support and congratulate the winning students.”