Academics speak at Helsinki International Week

Two academics from Swansea University's College of Human and Health Sciences were invited to speak about their work during the International week in Helsinki this September.

International Week Helsinki

Image: Stephanie, Ikali, Arja, Lynne &  Rikka at  Diacona  University, Helsinki

Lynne Walsh and Stephanie Best from the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences both gave presentations. 

Lynne presented on "emotional well-being support in secondary schools", which is part of her PhD research, and links with current topical research in Lapland and Finnish schools. Her second presentation focussed on "supporting the transition and emotional resilience of nursing students in Swansea". This resulted in much interest from International colleagues from Germany and Finland.

Stephanie was invited to present her research on Organisational Trust, which she has already delivered at several international academic conferences over the last 18 months. The findings were well received in particular by colleagues in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany and as a result, Stephanie has been invited to speak on this topic in Germany.

Lynne said: "With over 180 people from Vietnam, Asia, Nepal, Netherlands, Holland, Berlin, Hannover, Germany, Prague, Check Republic, Norway, Slovakia and the UK attending the conference, there was much interest from the international community for future networking and there are plans for Finnish academics to return to Swansea with Masters Students studying Public Health Master's programmes and Master's in Management programmes to share learning opportunities."

Lynne and Stephanie are in the process of supporting this visit through the Erasmus programme and Lynne has also been invited back to Helsinki to speak on their Masters programmes and share experiences of Swansea and Welsh students with Finland. Stephanie has also plans to liaise with the Global Health module and develop networks with international colleagues. There may also be some opportunities in the future to link with PhD programmes and offer joint supervision.

The visit to Helsinki followed the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences hosting Finnish academics in September 2015. Lynne Walsh led on this initiative, organising a full week’s programme for the 5 Finnish academics, providing opportunity to meet and discuss teaching and research opportunities and compare teaching and research with experts from within the department and across the College. There are now plans to host an International week at Swansea University in 2018.