Silvia Scalibrini, Italy

What were you doing before starting your PhD?

Before starting my PhD at Swansea University I was working as a research assistant in an Italian University and I was involved in a project related to the implementation of clinical governance in some Local Health Units. I decided then to go and study abroad because I needed to live in an international environment, where I could improve my English language and develop a research project about health care in a foreign country, such as the UK.

What made you choose this course?

I applied for my PhD because I knew that in the College there were tutors, lecturers and professors coming from different educational backgrounds, including midwives, nurses and sociologists. I think this has added great value to my high quality research results. The first time I came to Swansea was during the Open Day for postgraduate students and after the visit to the campus and some meetings with staff in the College, I thought that trying to get a PhD in this University would be the best choice for my future.

 What is it like being a postgraduate student at Swansea University?

According to my experience so far, I think that postgraduate students are provided with everything they need to succeed in their course. The library offers an excellent service and there’s a dedicated team for every College which helps you both in searching for books and in exploring your research topic deeply; the Postgraduate Research Faculty organises several short courses to help develop personal and communication skills and the IT service can always help to sort out potential problems with PCs and software packages. From an administrative point of view, practices are simplified and user-friendly and there’s a lot of dedicated staff who are willing to offer any assistance when you need it.

What has been the highlight so far?

Every single moment I can recall has been important since I have moved to Swansea! Improving my English, learning new cultural rules and feeling comfortable in a different educational system have been very enjoyable parts. Every day there are both personal and professional highlights.

How will a PhD help you in your career?

In my journey I will learn to be a professional researcher involved in the study of health care systems and the PhD will help me to develop the skills to become an independent researcher. It will be a valuable starting point from which I can build my career. I will do my best to be a lecturer though, that’s what I have always dreamt of!