Namitha Babu, India

My name is Namitha Babu and I’m from Wayanad- a beautiful rural district in Kerala state located in the southern part of India.

I did my MSc Abnormal & Clinical Psychology at Swansea University. The Psychology department at Swansea University is very unique, providing a world class combination of lectures and cutting-edge facilities to its students.

Throughout my course, I have experienced the empowering support and motivation the college offers to learn and discover interests, skills and values. Also, being able to interact with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and discussing my favourite topics has helped widen my horizons.

Having lectures only two days a week gave me the opportunity to socially engage, work and volunteer within the Swansea community. During my course, I had the opportunity to work as an ABA tutor for kids with autism, as a receptionist in the University and as a student ambassador/science communicator with Oriel Science to make science more interesting for children and the general public.

I’ve volunteered with Swansea Mind which is a mental health organisation and Discovery which is a volunteer led organisation within the University. I have been able to play an active role as a supportive volunteer and project coordinator for the Age Exchange program which aims to bridge the gap between youth and the elderly by encouraging them to take part in community meals, evening chats over coffee and various fun games.

The beautiful beaches, botanical gardens and its beautiful people do make an extraordinarily diverse and multicultural experience for anyone who visits Swansea.

Looking back, I am so grateful for my time at Swansea University for the part it played in my life to help me grow as an individual. Traveling to a country so far away from home, to a different life style, culture, and education system was a very exhilarating process for me.

As an international student, I have made truly amazing friends for life and leaving Swansea was a heart-breaking process for me. I will always treasure the opportunities, experiences and memories I had during my time in Swansea.