Di Yang, China

Di Yang

Prior to studying at Swansea University Di Yang was an undergraduate student studying psychology in Shandong Normal University.  We caught up with Di to find out about her studying experience at Swansea University...

What did you study at Swansea University?
I studied BSc Psychology as a visiting student from 2013-2014. Then, I studied MSc Childhood studies from 2014-2016.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University? What did you enjoy the most?
Swansea University has a very good reputation in China, especially at an Undergraduate level. In addition, Swansea University is good at teaching quality, graduate prospects and the student experience. I knew this University is what I wanted and where I wanted to be as it isn’t just about being research-led, but shows real care about how to train students to be a qualified employee after graduated from the university.

How did your course help with your chosen career path?
My working experience PLUS my student experience in Swansea University help me to choose my job. Particularly, BSc psychology course helps me to know what kind of person I am. I like communicating with people and I’m a helpful and enthusiastic person, thus, I find the right job for me.

What did you do after completing your studies?
I am working for Swansea University now after I complete my studies, as an in-country member staff.

Where are you working/studying now? What do you enjoy about it?
I am working for Swansea University, based in Beijing. My job includes recruiting students, branding the University and etc. I really enjoy my role, especially the face-to-face aspect of communication I have with students. I can share my own student experience in Swansea University and answer/help them to solve their concerns about studying abroad. It makes me enjoy my work when I help students solve their problems.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?
My plan is to try and improve the recognition of Swansea University in China in order to attract more students to the University.

What advice do you have for current students?
The teaching quality and student support service at Swansea Unviersity is outstanding, and the courses are designed to meet the demand of employers. I think Swansea University has excellent students service which could help students solve all kinds of problems, from study to daily life. Just like some students said 'Swansea University makes us feel at home'.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?
I would defintely recommend students to choose Swansea University. I would highly recommend the Student Union, not just because it is my job, but because being part of the SU was large part to enjoying my experience at Swansea University/

Describe your Swansea University experience in one sentence…
I really appreciate my time and experience spent at Swansea University - it has made a life-long influence on me and my future.