Meet Katy

I have quite an eclectic background, I’ve worked for local government, the third-sector and I’ve been self-employed, this diversity has helped in my role as a Social Worker. 

I feel like I thrive on a challenging and changing working environment so social work seemed like a very good career move for me.

The Social Work degree had a very practical focus with a strong emphasis on developing skills through the use of placements.  The staff team all have a strong social work background and were happy to share their experiences to enhance our knowledge.

I have a busy family life, but I wanted to get involved in an extracurricular sense at Swansea University  as much as I could so I became a student rep for my cohort, acting as a point of contact when students had concerns they did not wish to directly communicate with the staff team.

I am currently employed as a Community Social Worker in the Neath Network Team, working with adults of all ages.  I like the challenge of not quite knowing what to expect when I get to work, and coming up with interesting ways to meet the outcomes that individuals identify. 

Although, emotionally, you give a lot to social work, which can be challenging, it feels good to put all my new skills and the “transferable” ones to good use on a daily basis. 

There are many instances in my role that stand out to me; one was when a carer stopped mid-answer to tell me that this was the first time in 38 years he felt he had been properly listened to and he wanted to thank me for taking the time to talk about his needs and aspirations.

At the moment, I want to continue to develop my practical knowledge and understanding of the role and how it relates to the theoretical perspective and legislative framework.   I want to successfully complete my first two years in practice before deciding on my next steps – it’s been a busy couple of years so it’s important to reflect and take stock!

I am a Facilitator.