Audiology Facilities

Dewax Room: Audiology students will have the opportunity to use high resolution ENT chairs and microscopes for otoscopy. The built-in video screen provides an excellent resource for teaching purposes and observe dewaxing using microsuction.

Test Booth: The newly built sound-proof room is equipped with latest equipment for performing diagnostic hearing tests and software applications for the fitting of commercial hearing aids. Students will be able to observe clinics in the Health and Wellbeing Academy and gain experience in dispensing hearing aids for the commercial sector. 

Audiology Clinical Practice Booth:  Students will have access to the clinical laboratory to practice conducting hearing tests and taking earmould impressions in a relaxed teaching environment.

Audiology Research Room: Audiology students can take part in speech perception, localisation tests and experiments using the KEMAR mannequin for acoustic research.

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Audiology at Swansea University
Swansea University Audiology