Joe Purden, BSc Clinical Technology

What did you enjoy the most about the course and studying at Swansea University?

The course was intellectually stimulating as well as being practically based. Challenging me in both aspects.

What skills did you learn from completing the course and how did it help you get a job?

The course has taught me most importantly to be confident in my own abilities. This has been vital in both applying for jobs as well as in the work place. Dealing with patients everyday needs to be done with confidence to instill a feeling of safety and comfortability, especially when the patient is nervous or distressed.

What have you gone on to do after graduating?

I have been working in Singleton Hospital Nuclear Medicine department since May 2015. I enjoy helping patients and being stretched with new challenges every day. The variability in the job role makes it very enjoyable. In October 2015 I will be returning to education to read an MSc in Radiation Biology at the University of Oxford.

Is your current job related to the degree? If yes, how?

Yes, the degree is very specific. It has trained me in both nuclear medicine and radiotherapy physics, allowing me to get on to the RCT (register for clinical technologists).

What would your advice be to new students?

Take every opportunity you can. The course is very demanding, but in the end it has been more than worth all of the effort.