30 Credit Points

This module will give practitioners the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding which underpin the use of clinical assessment in the context of differential diagnosis.

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  1. Explain in detail the pathophysiological processes underpinning patient signs and symptoms associated with cardiovascular and respiratory disease and sleep disordered breathing.
  2. Critically review the evidence base relating to common patient pathways and compare this with individual practice
  3. Discuss how clinical assessment and a range of common investigations contribute to a holistic patient approach in diagnosis, management, prognosis, and care
  4. Perform and record an accurate clinical assessment of a patient using this to devise an appropriate diagnostic plan
  5. Work in partnership with other professionals, patients and their carers to maximise patient care
  6. Operate within a sphere of personal competence and level of authority


Who is the module aimed at?

This module is available to advanced practitioners who perform diagnostic cardiology, respiratory physiology or sleep-disordered breathing clinics. Applicants MUST be employed in a relevant health-care setting and obtain agreement of a medical colleague to supervise and assess work-based learning. 


Location: Singleton Park Campus 

Lecturer: Dr Emma Rees 

Dates to be confirmed.