Assessment of the Older Person - Level 6 - 40 credit points

Available at Level 6 - 40 credit points (SHG3115) or Level 7 – 30 credits (SHGM04)

Module Aim:

The module will enable health professionals to explore the complexities associated with the needs of the older person and identify strategies for promoting their health and wellbeing. It will allow the practitioner to apply their understanding of the complexities of ageing in order to make an effective contribution to the delivery of an improved service which better meets the needs of the older person.

This module aims to:

  1. Enable students to examine and explore the complex needs of the older person and identify individualised strategies for promoting health and wellbeing in an older person.
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to develop a range of appropriate knowledge and skills in order to be able to assess and provide care to the older person with complex needs.
  3. Provide students with the opportunity to develop and apply an understanding of assessment, monitoring and outcomes in the older adult with multi morbidity.

Who should take this module?

This can be taken as an optional module for post registration programmes at level 6  or level 7, or as a stand-alone module.

You will need to identify an appropriate placement area prior to commencing the module which will need to be discussed with the module leader – email addresses below.

Module Code: SHG3115 or SHGM04

Venue: St Davids Park

Module Leader: Beth Griffiths Email or contact Tracy Williams


Level 7 Provisional dates for 2019 at St David’s Park, Carmarthen

  • 23/05/19, 24/05/19
  • 30/05/19
  • 06/06/19, 07/06/19
  • 04/07/19, 05/07/19
  • 18/07/19
  • 01/08/19

Plus two additional dates for Level 6.