My Story Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips, from Brecon, is currently studying for her BSc Community Health Studies Specialist Practice (SPQ) Award, and attributes it to rejuvenating her career.  Her aim is to obtain a Band 6 position within a community team, moving from a community nursing role to a district nursing position. She said:

“In order to progress in my area it will definitely be beneficial to hold the SPQ in District Nursing.  However, it has already helped my career in that I have become a much better practitioner for taking this coursewhich in turn will hopefully benefit my career.

 “This course has rejuvenated me.  Before returning to study I was bored and had lost my path, although I loved community nursing I felt I had taken all I could from it and was contemplating a change of direction.  I now have a new lease of life within my nursing career and am aspiring to do things I never thought I would!  From studying at this level I have a whole new outlook on my working day.

“I have really enjoyed meeting peers from other health boards across South Wales.  It has beeninvaluable to see how others work and is beneficial for your professional development to see and hear how other teams operate.”

Emma has also been impressed by the support she’s received in the College and the structure of the qualification.  She continued:

“The lecturers are fantastic.  The support and rapport you build up with them is fantastic which encourages you to share experiences and have opinions which are taken on board within the classroom.  You are made to feel equal.

“I have not found this course to have impeded on my family life and I have taken a relatively short time to complete it.  It has lovely modular components which make this course very achievable.”